SCL seitlich Spiegelung
24. October 2023

Function Extension with SCL and PMLA Series

With a firmware update, two of our electronic load series each receive a function upgrade. Master-Slave Operation – SCL Series You can connect up to five identical single devices of the SCL high-current series to form an even more powerful master-slave system. Full load current at short-circuit -> ideal for high…
Gruppenbild zugeschnitten
13. September 2023

Change in the Management Board

After 37 years of continued growth and success, we are pleased to announce an important change in leadership at H&H. The founders and previous directors of our company have decided to pass the torch of leadership to the next generation. This is a significant milestone in our family-run business. Johann…
23. August 2023

Load Control Tool for DC Loads

New software helps our customers remotely control electronic DC loads via an intuitive user interface. This includes: Operation and parameterization of the device functions: Operating mode and set value, list function, square wave and modulator function, discharge function and internal resistance measurement, MPP tracking. Data acquisition Data processing and graphical…
GL und Burgermeister min
17. April 2023

Lively Attendance at the Open Day

We experienced an extraordinary day last Saturday. On April 15, 2023 we opened our doors to show who we are, what we do at H&H and what an electronic load actually is. Our employees from development and sales, manufacturing, quality assurance and support showed the development of our products in…
PMLA Konfigurator EN
24. August 2022

Configuring Multi-Channel Loads

Electronic multi-channel loads from H&H can be equipped with up to 12 load modules (channels) of different power ratings in one 19″ unit on 2 U. A master unit provides user and data interfaces and controls several slave units with further load modules if required. A maximum of 3 cooling…
PLI 5HE Spiegelung 2000x1000px
12. April 2022

Multi-Range Model Lineup Expanded

High-power electronic loads now also available as multi-range variants: In addition to the proven models up to 1,500 W continuous power, the PLI MR series now also offers powerful models – up to 28.8 kW as standard – with multiple setting ranges. This allows a much better setting and measuring…
TRL front seitlich Klemmen
22. February 2022

Mobile Regenerative Load – New TRL Series

The DC loads of the TRL series feed the consumed energy back to the local mains supply.  They do not require a fixed installation for this purpose, but can simply be plugged into the wall socket. Because these loads also operate very quietly, they are perfect for the developer in…
SCL seitlich Spiegelung
11. January 2022

High Current, Voltage Down to 0 V – New SCL Series

For testing high-current DUTs such as fuel cells, H&H has developed the new SCL series. These electronic DC loads stress the connected source with up to 1,200 A at a minimum input voltage of only 600 mV (standard models) or even from 0 V (SCL ZV). In addition to static…
17. December 2021

High Visit From Santa

St. Nikolaus has given us special visitors today. Literally out of the fog he appeared on the H&H premises together with his already slightly frail helper Krampus. In line with Corona, the employees also went there and were read a story as well as the riot act. Praise came from…
QL seitlich Spiegelung
15. December 2021

New Generation of Source-Sinks – QL Series

H&H presents the new generation of source-sinks. In a modern design with touchscreen operation, the QL series on the one hand replaces the proven NL series with equivalent model range, and on the other hand offers far more functionality. As with its predecessor, the standard portfolio offers 2-quadrant models and…
Tool View 3 Phase
11. October 2021

Software Tool for ACL Series Loads Available

For the AC-DC electronic loads of the ACL series, the associated control software, the ACL Tool, is now available with among others the following functions. In addition to the “Channel Coupling” setting, which is useful for three-phase applications, the load inputs of the existing channels are controlled centrally from each…
NL Spiegelung discontinued EN
5. October 2021

NL Series Production Discontinued

We will discontinue production of the NL series source-sinks on 01.10.2021. As long as our stock permits, we will still be able to manufacture a few units at the current situation. We do this on a first-come-first-served basis. Service for the above-mentioned series will continue as long as spare parts…
electronic trash
23. July 2021

Null Modem Cable No Longer Standard Accessory

H&H wants to reduce electronic waste. These days, the RS-232 interface is hardly ever found on PCs and is as a result rarely used. We have therefore decided that from 23.08.2021 (i.e. after our company vacation) we will no longer supply a null modem cable as standard, but only on…
Ha Ladesaeule
21. June 2021

Juice for Customers and Employees

The boss did not take the commissioning away from himself:  After H&H already installed a “charging parking lot” for e-bikes last year, there are now also 5 charging points for electric cars on the company site, where customers and employees can charge their electric and hybrid vehicles free of charge. …
ERI B Spiegelung
19. October 2020

Production Series B: ERI Series Regenerative Loads With New User Interface and More Functions

We have redesigned our ERI series regenerative loads. Besides a facelift in form of a new user interface, the ERI loads now offer the same functional range as the PLI series. That means the following functions are new: Master-Slave operation in system connection MPP tracking Internal resistance measurement Load current…
Free Fcc News
23. July 2020

Calibration 2x for Free With Device Registration

  Calibration is an integral part of our manufacturing process. No electronic load leaves our factory without being calibrated carefully and appropriately for the respective purpose – regardless of whether it is a series product or a special solution made to customer order. With each electronic load or 4-quadrant power…
SE M2 Front
8. July 2020

H&H Power Distribution Units: New Models

Due to the increased demand for covered 2 U power distributions, we have expanded the model range: Up to now, the slim 2 U models have only been available as assembled front panels with multiple sockets, some of which switchable, and were only available in conjunction with a control cabinet.…
ACL Master Slave System
20. March 2020

Parallel Connection and Master-Slave Operation With ACL Series AC Loads

Identical models of single-phase and three-phase ACL series loads can now be used for different purposes in master-slave operation, namely System connection to realize a 3-phase system with 3 single-phase devices ACLS or Channel connection to connect several channels in parallel with up to 3 single-phase ACLS devices or one…
ZS goes PLI MR 2
13. February 2020

PLI Multi-Range Variant Replaces ZS Series

We discontinue production of ZS series electronic multi-range loads with effect from March 31, 2020. For existing customers we will keep the possibility after the official discontinuation to procure spare devices for existing systems. The duration of this service will depend on material and component availability. Please contact us in…
SettingToggling 1 scaled
22. January 2020

Setting Toggling with PLI Series Loads

In local operation it is helpful for certain applications to be able to switch rapidly between two load levels. For this purpose, we have built in a convenient setting toggling function in the PLI series, similar to that available in the ZS series. To do this, you define 2 setting…
PLI Charger
31. October 2019

Testing Intelligent Chargers with PLI Charger Starter Interface

Intelligent chargers often only start the charging process when they detect a suitable energy storage device at their output. With the optional Charger Starter Interface (CST), the PLI series electronic load simulates a discharged accumulator by applying an appropriate voltage to the load input. The Charger Starter Interface can be…
ZSAC Spiegelung discontinued EN 1
30. October 2019

We Will Discontinue ZSAC Series Production

We discontinue production of electronic AC loads ZSAC series with effect from January 31, 2020. For existing customers we will keep the possibility after the official discontinuation to procure spare devices for existing systems. The duration of this service will depend on material and component availability. Please contact us in…
18. October 2019

Factory Lighting in LED

A contribution to environmental protection: We are currently converting the lighting of the entire company building in Konzell – from the administration to production to the stockroom – from fluorescent tubes to energy-saving LED tubes. The investment will already have amortized in about 2 years.
ZV OperatingRange
26. June 2019

PLI Models down to Zero Volt

For the PLI series – as already known from the ZS series through the zero volt option – there is now a selection of zero volt models available. The Zero Volt models extend the operating range of the electronic load almost to short circuit (10 mV). This makes these devices…
HH Technocomm2019
29. May 2019

Visitors from India

We had the pleasure of welcoming visitors from India to our company site in Konzell. The sales partnership with Techno-Comm has existed since 2012. Now a delegation of management, support and sales was our guest for two days to get detailed information about new H&H products and to refresh the…
PMLA Master mit Batterien
22. May 2019

PMLA Multi-Channel Loads with Discharge Function

The PMLA series multi-channel loads have been enhanced with a comprehensive battery and accumulator testing function. Each channel can discharge a connected energy storage device in a controlled manner and provide the values for the absorbed charge and energy. With local operation, the user is guided through the menu so…
PLAs groß mittel und klein übereinander 02 1000x667
19. March 2019

PLA Model Range Extended

H&H has extended the model range of the “small” PLA load. Thanks to more efficient ventilation, some models can now continuously load the peak power that was previously only possible for a short time. These are the new models: PLA506, PLA1006, PLA1506, PLA512, PLA1012 and PLA1512. Go to PLA series
UI GroupAddr
22. January 2019

PMLA Multi-Channel Load Now with Group Addressing

The PMLA multi-channel load series has been enhanced with a group addressing function that makes many channels more convenient to operate and manage. In digital remote operation, several channels can be combined to channel groups. By addressing a channel group, all channels in the group can execute setting commands simultaneously,…
ACL seitlich Spiegelung 1
23. November 2018

electronica 2018 with New ACL Three-Phase Load

At electronica 2018, H&H presented the new ACL three-phase loads, which operate in both DC and AC mode. The ACL load is designed for 3-phase networks. On the one hand, this eliminates the need for extensive cabling of 3 individual devices, and on the other hand, considerable cost savings are…
24. July 2018

Redesign of PLI Series Loads

With production series B, the PLI series has received both a facelift and many functional improvements. The front panel color has changed to a modern light grey. The menu navigation of the graphical user interface has been revised. Functional improvements can be mentioned, for example: – improved MPP tracking (option…
MPPT VP Curve bcfe5548
12. July 2018

MPP Tracking at PLA Loads

The “small” PLA loads now also have Maximum Power Point Tracking capability, even as standard. An extensive Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function for testing photovoltaic panels can be activated. In variable sweep periods, the V/I characteristic of the panel is measured and stored. The sweep direction is selectable. The…
Gruppe mit MartinRiedel 02
18. June 2018

H&H supports WARR Hyperloop

H&H visitor delegation with WARR project manager Martin Riedel (2nd from right) and Pod III As sponsor of the research project Hyperloop of the TU Munich, H&H was invited to the ceremonial unveiling of the new transportation pod (Pod III). Already in 2013 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk presented his idea…
SW HuH Portrait Tobias Schnitzbauer 9453 PREVIEW f300d678
4. May 2018

Apprentice Honored

Our Tobias Schnitzbauer passed his apprenticeship as an electronics technician for devices and systems with flying colors and was honored for this with other best examiners from the IHK committee district Straubing and Straubing-Bogen at a ceremony. In the presence of several guests of honor, Jürgen Wallstabe, Vice President of…
hofer MA 1024x768 72ppi 24055239
26. March 2018

H&H supports hofer powertrain

To perform a measurement on a battery module, we had a visit from a technical delegation from hofer powertrain. In the test, the DUT was first warmed up to a defined temperature by means of the heating device brought along and then cooled down by means of the liquid cooling…
RolloutE17 69 mit HH web 50a406ef
3. November 2017

Kaiserslautern Racing Team successful with PLI6412

Rollout with (from left) Laura Hackl (H&H), Björn Ringeisen (KaRaT), Daniel Höcherl (H&H) H&H supports the Kaiserslautern Racing Team (KaRaT) in the development of its own drive components for electrically powered racing cars. An electronic load of the PLI6412 type was used to test the technical data of various components, such…

ERI LabVIEW Driver and Software Tool available

The software tool to control ERI series loads is available for download. Find the link at Downloads -> Software/Drivers -> ERI Series.
9. October 2017

H&H supports TU Darmstadt Racing Team

H&H supports the TU Darmstadt Racing Team (DART Racing) in the development of their own LiPo and LiFePO4 batteries. Since 2006 DART Racing has participated in the international construction competition “Formula Student” and gained numerous awards. DART Racing has participated in the international construction competition “Formula Student” since 2006 and…
28. August 2017

PLI Models with High Voltages or High Currents

The PLI series’ power palette is enhanced by models with high voltages up to 1,200 V (model name extension HV) and models with high currents (model name extension EC).Go to PLI series
19. July 2017

PMLA Tool available

The software tool to control PMLA series loads is available for download. Find the link at Downloads -> Software/Drivers -> PMLA Series.
23. June 2017

Digital Master-Slave operation at PLA loads

To increase the power or current capability up to 5 Electronic Loads of equal type can be operated in parallel in Master-Slave mode as one system. The Master unit controls the total input current of the system. This unit also shows the system’s total measurement values at its display and…

PLA Tool available

The software tool to control PLA series loads is available for download. Find the link at Downloads -> Software/Drivers -> PLA Series.
19. May 2017

QM system recertified according to ISO 9001:2015

H&H successfully completed the recertification procedure of the QM system according to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The link to download the certificate is here.
10. May 2017

New watchdog function at PLI series loads

The firmware of PLI series has been enhanced by a watchdog function. The watchdog function is an activatable communication supervisor to protect the unit under test. If due to disrupted data transfer the watchdog reset command is missing after a certain time the load input is switched off. Please contact…
24. February 2017

PLA series loads with more power

H&H enhanced the “little” PLA load’s power palette with 800 W and 1200 W models. The more powerful models have dimensions of 19″ and 2 HU. As the 200 W and 400 W models, they are available in the voltage classes 60 V, 120 V, 300 V and 800 V.…
18. January 2017

New Functions at PLA Series Loads

Watchdog function: activatable communication supervisor to protect the unit under test. If due to disrupted data transfer the watchdog reset command is missing after a certain time the load input is switched off. Characteristic function: Sequence of voltage values is mapped to a sequence of current values, linearly interpolated. Please contact…
8. November 2016

electronica 2016

Energy recycling load ERI and new multi-channel load PMLA are introduced at electronica.
30. August 2016

30 Years H&H

This year, the company Höcherl & Hackl looks back on a highly successful 30-year development. Founded by Helmut Höcherl and Johann Hackl in August 1986, the partners started developing Electronic Loads in a niche market, evolving to become one of the market leaders. Under the label “Made in Germany” we…
2. August 2016

PLI new functions

Energy Storage Test Internal Resistance Measurement Trigger System Download AN12_01 AN_11_de_02
11. February 2016

From apprentice to skilled workers

Mr. Jonas Vogl starts his work as a skilled worker in February.  
10. December 2015

Reinforcement for our shipping department

Mr. Tobias Wanisch starts his work in our shipping  team in September. H&H is looking forward to a good long-term partnership.
17. September 2015

New employee at H&H

Mr. Marco Höcherl starts his work in our  team in September. H&H is looking forward to a good long-term partnership.
20. April 2015

Introduction RMA-Repair

n order to be able to offer you the best possible service we provide you an online-based RMA system which offers you a more comfortable and quickest possible repair procedure. Please consider the following items to avoid delays and transport damages of the repairs: Place the RMA number clearly visible…
19. February 2015

Introductory price for PLI 3200W devices

Zur Übersicht der verschiedenen Gerätemodelle
20. January 2015

Additional mode “CP” at series PLI

In constant power mode the electronic load controls the set power by software. The current depending on the measured input voltage is calculated and set by a PI controller. The control parameters are nonvolatilely saved in the electronic load and may be varied. Required firmware revisions: AI 2.07, DI 2.07,…
10. November 2014

Open house

Many interested people followed H&H’s invitation to visit our production halls.
6. November 2014

PLI New Functions

Option Activation MPP Tracking Changes of the List Function Transfer of the Measurement Data to a USB Flash Drive Download 141101_PLI_News_01
17. October 2014

PLI tool is available in the download area as of now

This tool is a remote control software for electronic loads of PLI series from Hoecherl & Hackl. The communication with the electronic load can be established via RS-232, USB(VCP), GPIB or Ethernet.
1. October 2014

Move into our new production hall

 Four weeks earlier than planned, we have moved into our enhanced production hall.
1. September 2014

Reinforcement for our development team

Mr. Michael Laumer starts his work in our development team in September. H&H is looking forward to a good long-term partnership.
29. April 2014

Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

The second consecutive audit (ISO 9001:2008) was carried out at H&H on 29.04.2014. The certifying company validates H&H a good quality and management system.
1. April 2014

ground-breaking ceremony

In April was the ground breaking ceremony for our new production hall. Until autumn it should be ready to move in. With this new production hall our production area will enhance to 1200 sqm.