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Special Developments & Customer-Specific Solutions

Do you need a special development that goes beyond customer-specific adaptation? Talk to us!
If our development capacities enable it, we look forward to exciting tasks that we can solve together with you.

We can also make various types of adaptations “off the peg” for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of already implemented special solutions:

  • Special current/voltage/power/resistance ranges:
    We adapt the range end values to the customer’s application. With the smallest possible setting range, the setting and measuring resolution is optimized.
  • 12 V DC supply voltage:
    To be independent of a power supply network, an electronic load is equipped with a DC supply input. This feature now exists as an option for some device series.
  • Faster control time for better dynamic behavior:
    The electronic load is equipped with specially calculated equipment that regulates particularly fast processes.
  • Increased insulation voltage at a PLA load:
    The insulation voltage against PE can be significantly increased by installation in a special housing with insulated construction.
  • Mobile load:
    For location-independent applications outside the laboratory, we have implemented a solution with DC supply input. Lashing lugs and overhead load connections allow operation, e.g. in a moving vehicle, in order to test control units.
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mobile load with lashing lugs and top mounted load terminals

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