DC Loads

With different series, we offer with different series for almost every DC test object the suitable electronic load from 200 to 28,800 W, air-cooled or regenerative.

AC Loads

From 400 to 21,000 W, our AC loads cover a frequency range up to 1000 Hz. DC operation is also possible. The ACL series is available as single-phase and even three-phase loads up to 3 x 8,400 W.

Multi-Channel Loads

Ideal for simultaneous testing of many test objects, e.g. different control units of a vehicle. Up to 72 channels can be tested in one system in master-slave connection.


Source-sinks are charger and electronic load in one device. They are therefore preferred in applications for testing rechargeable energy storage devices.

Power Distribution

Power distribution for installation in 19″ racks, for the central mains supply of the devices installed in the rack.