Continuous Improvements and Innovations

In our in-house development department in Konzell, we are constantly working on the further development and improvement of our products. Especially for custom-made products, we develop new solutions on the basis of our decades of know-how.


Energy Recycling Instead of Useless Waste Heat

An innovative milestone is the development of our regenerative load series ERI. Energy recycling instead of waste heat not only reduces electricity costs, but is also an important contribution to environmental protection. These devices contribute to a pleasant laboratory climate, enable the reduction of air-conditioning costs and reduce noise emissions.

Targeted Support of Research Activities

We have set ourselves the goal of actively promoting and effectively supporting innovative developments in the fields of renewable energies and electromobility. For this reason, we make equipment available free of charge to research and training institutions in order to realise innovative projects and thus familiarize students with the latest technologies.

Examples of H&H Funded Projects:

Fast Forest

Increasing accuracy for state of charge determination
Test of high-voltage batteries for electrical racing cars

WARR Hyperloop

Test of Lithium-Ion-Polymer cells for high-speed drives

Kaiserslautern Racing Team KaRaT

Development of drive batteries for electric racing vehicles

TU Darmstadt

Research on high-voltage batteries for racing cars

University Rheinmain

Fuel Cell Development


OSCAR Open Source Car

University Delft

Delta Lloyd Solar Boatstream