Discontinued series

Here you can find information on devices that we no longer produce in series. To compare discontinued to current (successor) series, we provide orientation aids in form of tables in the download area at “Comparison of H&H loads”.

PMLI Series

End of Life Notification: We will discontinue production of PMLI series on December 31,2018. The successor series is PMLA. A comparison document with functions and command set of both series can be found here.

ZS Series - Single Range Loads

End Of Life-Announcement:

We have stopped the production of the ZS single-range devices by 31.12.2018. The successor series is the PLI series. A comparison document with functions and commands of both series can be found here. The ZS5xx-3 and -4 multi-range devices will be kept in stock.

PL Series - Discontinued!

We recommend the PLA series loads to replace a PL series device. Find a function and command comparison here.

ZSLV Series - Discontinued!

ZSLC Series - Discontinued!

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