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DC Loads

From 200 to 28,800 W we offer different series for almost every DC test object the suitable electronic load, air-cooled or regenerative. As a special service we calibrate every new electronic load by delivery and especially a second time within the warranty period if you register it here.

TRL front seitlich Klemmen

TRL Series – Mobile Regenerative

  • Input voltage up to 1,200 V
  • Load current up to 60 A
  • Power 1,000 W
  • Energy recycling to local power grid
  • Mobile mains connection via plug


PLA Series – Small

  • Input voltage up to 800 V
  • Load current up to 120 A
  • Power from 200 W to 1,200 W
  • Digital Master-Slave operation
  • Load inputs at front and rear


PLI Series – Powerful

  • Input voltage up to 1,200 V
  • Load current up to 2,700 A
  • Power from 600 W to 28,800 W
  • Large functional scope
  • High dynamic

SCL seitlich Spiegelung

SCL Series – High Current

  • Input voltage up to 12 V or up to 40 V
  • Load current up to 1,200 A
  • Power from 600 W to 1,800 W
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Modern touch operation

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