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H&H – the Electronic Load

For over 30 years Höcherl & Hackl has been developer and producer of electronic loads and testing devices for power supply, energy storage units and fuel cells. We look back at a solid company development. Through continuous growth we could establish our company to be one of the leading providers of electronic loads in the German and in international markets.

Picture from left to right: Johann Hackl (CEO), Helmut Höcherl (CEO)

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GL und Burgermeister min
17. April 2023

Lively Attendance at the Open Day

We experienced an extraordinary day last Saturday. On April 15, 2023 we opened our doors to show who we are,…
PMLA Konfigurator EN
24. August 2022

Configuring Multi-Channel Loads

Electronic multi-channel loads from H&H can be equipped with up to 12 load modules (channels) of different power ratings in…
PLI 5HE Spiegelung 2000x1000px
12. April 2022

Multi-Range Model Lineup Expanded

High-power electronic loads now also available as multi-range variants: In addition to the proven models up to 1,500 W continuous…
TRL front seitlich Klemmen
22. February 2022

Mobile Regenerative Load – New TRL Series

The DC loads of the TRL series feed the consumed energy back to the local mains supply.  They do not…
SCL seitlich Spiegelung
11. January 2022

High Current, Voltage Down to 0 V – New SCL Series

For testing high-current DUTs such as fuel cells, H&H has developed the new SCL series. These electronic DC loads stress…

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