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Functions of electronic H&H loads

List function

The electronic load is capable of simulating load profiles in so-called LIST mode. This is possible in all operating modes.

Rectangular function

The rectangle function is a simplified list function that allows a rectangular load profile to be simulated by specifying amplitude, offset and duty cycle.

Master-Slave operation

To increase power or current, electronic loads of the same type can be operated in master-slave mode as one system in parallel.

Measurement data acquisition

Static measurement data acquisition can periodically acquire measured values for voltage and current at a definable sampling rate and buffer them with a time stamp in the internal device memory.

MPP Tracking

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function enables the testing of solar or photovoltaic modules by regulating the point of maximum power of the connected UUT by varying the voltage setpoint in constant voltage mode.

Discharge function

For testing energy storage devices such as batteries, ultracaps and capacitors, the electronic load can discharge a connected DUT in a controlled manner and provide the measured values for removed charge and energy.

Internal Resistance Measurement

The electronic load can measure the DC internal resistance of the connected DUT. The determination of the internal resistance is based on the principle as specified in various standards for batteries and accumulators, e.g. DIN EN 61951, DIN EN 61960.

List function            
Rectangular function    **  
Measurement data acquisition      *      
MPP Tracking    
Discharge function        
Internal Resistance Measurement  
2- or 4-quadrant versions  
Phaseshift & -cut  

* avalailable as an option

** possible with free software tool