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Functions of H&H Devices

Protective Functions & Notifications

To protect the electronic load and the DUT there are several protective functions and status notifications. Overcurrent and undervoltage protection are adjustable. More…

List Function

In various operating modes (CC, CV, CR, CP) the electronic load simulates load profiles with the LIST function. Up to 300 setpoints of variable duration with associated ramp time are possible. For most series, sampling times can be defined separately for each curve segment. Voltage and current are measured synchronously and stored with time stamp. More…

Modulator Function

The modulator adds a sinusoidal, square, triangular, sawtooth or arbitrary signal to a constant setpoint in CC or CV mode. More…

Rectangular & PWM Function

The rectangular function is a simplified list function in which a square-wave load profile is simulated with specification of amplitude, offset and respective times. In manual operation, a PWM signal with frequency and duty cycle can be defined alternatively. More…

V/I Characteristic Curve Function

With the characteristic curve function, a sequence of voltage values is linearly interpolated to a sequence of current values. Depending on the value of the input voltage, the electronic load then sets the current corresponding to the interpolated point of the characteristic curve. More…

Parallel Connection With Master-Slave Operation

To increase the power or current, identical models of electronic loads can be operated in parallel as one system in master-slave mode. Outwardly, the system operates like one device. The master unit controls the total current of the system, displays the total measured values and returns them when queried via one of the data interfaces. More…

Measurement Data Acquisition

With a definable sampling rate, data records consisting of timestamp, voltage and current are buffered in the internal device memory. The recorded data can be read out via one of the data interfaces or transferred to a USB memory. More…

MPP Tracking

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function enables the testing of solar or photovoltaic modules by regulating the point of maximum power of the connected UUT by varying the voltage setpoint in constant voltage mode. More…

Energy Storage Test Functions

The discharge function tests energy storage devices such as batteries, ultracaps, electrolytic capacitors or solar panels by discharging them in CC, CP or CR mode. The discharge function can be combined with the list function so that pulsed discharging is possible. 

Source-sinks from H&H offer a charging function analogously. In order to cycle energy stores, the charging and discharging functions are executed sequentially in a definable number of cycles, with an adjustable recovery phase. More…

Internal Resistance Measurement

The electronic load can measure the DC internal resistance of the connected DUT. The determination of the internal resistance is based on the principle as specified in various standards for batteries and accumulators, e.g. DIN EN 61951, DIN EN 61960. More…

Internal Resistance Setting

With source-sinks from H&H, both the internal resistance of the connected DUT can be measured in sink mode and an own internal resistance can be simulated in source mode. More…

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Protective functions              
List function              
Modulation function      
Rectangular function        **    
PWM function      
V/I characteristics function  
Master-slave mode            
Data acquisition              
MPP tracking      *    
Discharge function            
Charge function  
Cycling function  
Internal resistance measurement        
Internal resistance setting  
Watchdog function              
2- oder 4-quadrant versions  
Phaseshift & phase cut  
Saving & loading settings              

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