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Readiness for Service Is Our Attitude

Our goal is to create robust and durable products that are available to our customers for long and trouble-free periods. That is why we are always there for you when it comes to ensuring the functionality of our products.

At our plant in Konzell, we have the combined competence to react very quickly and comprehensively when a device from our company needs to be checked, recalibrated or repaired.
Product development, manufacturing, support & service are centrally located “under one roof”.

Service Benefits by Höcherl & Hackl

  • Through fast and unbureaucratic service, we achieve a high level of equipment availability for our customers.
  • The free initial calibration upon delivery and the guaranteed first recalibration after a satisfaction survey represent significant added value.
  • The sum of technical quality “Made in Germany”, high service orientation, our calibration service and the professional competence bundled at one location ensures our customers a maximum of availability of our products.

Our Standard:

Each factory calibration certificate delivered with the instrument contains the commitment that the instrument will be recalibrated free of charge once within the warranty period.
Our customers can send the device to us for this purpose. The recalibration is carried out directly at our premises.

  • Factory (initial) calibration with device delivery
  • A recalibration free of charge after completed satisfaction survey within the warranty period
  • Fast, unbureaucratic service
  • High service competence, short reaction times
  • RMA return system for smooth processing
  • Free up-to-date certified LabVIEW drivers
  • Free up-to-date software tools
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