AC Loads

From 400 to 3 x 8,400 W our AC loads cover a frequency range up to 1,000 Hz. DC operation is also possible. A three-phase current system is implemented by connection in star or delta with the ZSAC series, the ACL series even offers three-phase loads in one device. 

Production of the ZSAC series will be discontinued as from the end of January 2020. 

The successor is the new ACL series, which offers both single-phase units (ACLS) and three-phase units (ACLT). An overview of the functions and commands of both series can be found in our comparison document in the DOWNLOADS section.

ACL seitlich Spiegelung

ACL Series – Three-Phase

  • Voltage up to 3 x 500 V
  • Load current up to 3 x 60 A
  • Power from 3 x 1,400 W to 3 x 8,400 W
  • Frequency range up to 1,000 Hz
  • For three-phase applications
ZSAC Spiegelung_discontinued_EN

ZSAC Series – One-Phase

Discontinued as from Jan. 31, 2020!

  • Voltage up to 440 V
  • Load current up to 100 A
  • Power from 400 W to 21 kW
  • Frequency range up to 800 Hz
  • For one-phase applications

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