AC Loads

From 400 to 3 x 8,400 W our AC loads cover a frequency range up to 1,000 Hz. DC operation is also possible. A three-phase current system is implemented by connection in star or delta with the ZSAC series, the ACL series even offers three-phase loads in one device. 

ACL seitlich Spiegelung

ACL Series – Three-Phase

  • Voltage up to 3 x 500 V
  • Load current up to 3 x 60 A
  • Power from 3 x 1,400 W to 3 x 8,400 W
  • Frequency range up to 1,000 Hz
  • For three-phase applications

ZSAC Series – One-Phase

  • Voltage up to 440 V
  • Load current up to 100 A
  • Power from 400 W to 21 kW
  • Frequency range up to 800 Hz
  • For one-phase applications

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