Lively Attendance at the Open Day

GL und Burgermeister min

We experienced an extraordinary day last Saturday. On April 15, 2023 we opened our doors to show who we are, what we do at H&H and what an electronic load actually is.

Our employees from development and sales, manufacturing, quality assurance and support showed the development of our products in the load manufacture and also chatted a bit about personal experiences. Numerous visitors took advantage of this offer. We had the pleasure to welcome many business partners, neighbors, friends, employees’ families and guests from the community of Konzell (see picture: the H&H management with 1st, 2nd and 3rd mayor). But also (still) unknown visitors were interested in our work, and so we could exchange with like-minded people as well as meet new interesting people.

Many thanks to all visitors and staff who contributed to the success of this beautiful day!