Function Extension with SCL and PMLA Series

With a firmware update, two of our electronic load series each receive a function upgrade.

Master-Slave Operation – SCL Series

SCL seitlich Spiegelung

You can connect up to five identical single devices of the SCL high-current series to form an even more powerful master-slave system.

  • Full load current at short-circuit -> ideal for high current applications down to 0 V.
  • Operation via master device -> easy handling and monitoring
  • LabVIEW driver -> user-friendly interface for LabVIEW environments, integration and control
  • Control Tool -> control software and DAQ

5 devices of type SCL1801ZV then provide the following final values:

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Maximum current: 6,000 A (5 x 1,200A)
  • Maximum power: 9,000 W – (1V x load current)

The parallel connection of these devices opens up new possibilities for high current applications and low voltage testing.

MPP Tracking – PMLA Series

HH PMLA Master

The multi-channel loads of the PMLA series can now also serve the MPPT function with the corresponding firmware.

This function is important for testing solar or photovoltaic modules by controlling the point of maximum power (MPP) of the connected device under test. This is done by varying the voltage set point in constant voltage mode. The recorded characteristics of the sweep operation and the MPP are displayed graphically on the UI.

MPPT characteristics

If you have any questions about the features or a possible update, our support team will be pleased to help you: