PLI Models down to Zero Volt

For the PLI series – as already known from the ZS series through the zero volt option – there is now a selection of zero volt models available. The Zero Volt models extend the operating range of the electronic load almost to short circuit (10 mV). This makes these devices particularly suitable for testing fuel cells, for example. In addition, we often adjust the setting and measuring range of the corresponding load to customer specifications. The ZV models can compensate voltage drops on the load lines up to approx. 0.5 V.


The following models are currently available or planned (subject to modifications and extensions). In terms of power, the devices can also be overloaded temporarily.

PLI606ZV60 V60 A600 W1000 W
PLI612ZV120 V20 A600 W1200 W
PLI1206ZV60 V120 A1200 W2400 W
PLI2606ZV60 V200 A2600 W5800 W
PLI2306ZV60 V300 A2300 W5500 W
PLI2106ZV60 V360 A2100 W5300 W
PLI3706ZV60 V360 A3700 W8500 W
PLI3506ZV60 V450 A3500 W8200 W
PLI3206ZV60 V540 A3200 W8000 W
PLI4806ZV60 V540 A4800 W11000 W
PLI4606ZV60 V600 A4600 W11000 W
PLI4306ZV60 V720 A4300 W10500 W
PLI6006ZV60 V720 A6000 W14000 W
PLI7506ZV60 V720 A7500 W17000 W