Introduction RMA-Repair

n order to be able to offer you the best possible service we provide you an online-based RMA system which offers you a more comfortable and quickest possible repair procedure.

Please consider the following items to avoid delays and transport damages of the repairs:

  • Place the RMA number clearly visible on the packing. You will receive a suitable preprinted form with your confirmation e-mail following your RMA request.
  • The product has to be packed in the original or an equivalent package. Devices starting from 5HU have to be shipped on a palette. Racks with equipped devices must not be shipped horizontally in any way!
  • We reserve the right to deny reshipments which arrive definitely insufficiently packed.
  • Packages that are not carriage free will not be accepted!
  • For products within the warranty period in which no defect could be determined H&H will charge the expenditure of the inspection. A service fee of 135 EUR will be charged.
  • Concerning chargeable repairs we will prepare a cost estimate.
  • If the repair will not be executed a service fee of 135 EUR will be charged for the generation of the cost estimate.