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Comprehensive Product Portfolio

We have expanded our product portfolio step by step. We meet the markets need for ever more individual, tailor-made solutions. In addition to a broad standard product range, we therefore also develop and manufacture numerous product variants. Technically innovative solutions such as the development of products that enable energy to be fed back into the local power grid have a firm place in our product range today.

Range of Performance

At our plant in Konzell our expertise is bundled. This includes: Product development, mechanical design to series production, production to commissioning, quality assurance and the provision of all necessary service and support services. We have all the resources and the complete know-how to further develop our products in a targeted manner and to implement and support customized special solutions for our customers.

HuH Leistungsspektrum

Quality “Made in Germany”

H&H loads are designed especially with a view to durability and reliability.
Our qualified and motivated team ensures that we produce seamless quality. At H&H, the service concept takes top priority. Together with local service providers, with whom we have been working for years, H&H forms a unique competence centre for the product area of electronic loads.

Where regionality is concerned, we are unbeatable!

HuH MadeInGermany