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ZS Series

Features of performance
Model overview

Discontinued as from March 31, 2020 - successor is the multi-range variant MR of PLI series

  • Input voltage up to 800 V
  • Current up to 60 A
  • Power 500 W
  • Two free calibrations
  • Up to 4 "real" current ranges
  • Depending on model, temporary overload capacity
  • Constant current, voltage, resistance, power mode
  • Dynamic loads
  • SCPI programming with measurement function
  • Electronic protection
  • Analog measurement outputs for voltage, current and power
  • Analog control input
  • MPP tracking
  • Dynamic function with optional synchronized data logging
  • 2 free calibrations
Operating Modes
The ZS series electronic loads have the four operating modes constant current, voltage, power and resistance. In addition, depending on the operating mode limit values can be set for the maximum permissible current and the minimum permissible voltage. Depending on the model, several setting and measuring ranges are available. The load can be preset even without a connected test unit. The display then shows the values directly in amps, ohms, volts or watts.
Dynamic and Control Time
The inbuilt modulator enables two independently adjustable currents and times from 100 μs ... 1 s. The control speed of the devices can be adjusted to the test unit in three stages (fast - medium - slow).
Protective Devices
The following protective devices are built in:
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overpower protection
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Protection of the GND lines on the Analog I/O interface
Voltage Switching
A trigger voltage can be set for peak-free voltage hook-up. The current is enabled when the input voltage exceeds the trigger voltage.
Overload Capacity
Depending on the model the devices have temporary overload capacity. The level and duration of the possible overload depends on the operating temperature of the output stage. The device can therfore be used for significantly higher performance tasks.
Remote Control
Most load functions can be controlled remotely via Analog I/O Interface. The control inputs can be operated with TTL levels and 24 V from PLC controllers. A version (ZS06) which is electrically isolated from the load input is optionally available.
Analog Control
In the operating modes CC, CV and CP the setting value can be controlled by 0 ... 5 V or 0 ... 10 V DC.
Analog Measurement Outputs
There are 0 ... 10 V analog measurement signals available for voltage, current and power. The GND terminals can float ±2 V with respect to the negative load input (also optionally isolated - Option ZS06).
The units are air-cooled. To keep the operating noise low, the fans are temperature and current-dependently controlled. For better utilization of the maximum possible overload capacity the fans can be set to full power.
The ZS is a sturdy 19“ rack design and can also be used as a table-top device. No separate installation kits are needed for 19“ rack installation.
All connections are at the rear side. The current connections are copper rails or safety sockets.
Covers are available as contact protection for units for dangerous contact voltages.
Data Interfaces (optional)
  • RS-232 + USB
  • GPIB
  • Ethernet-RS-232 Converter
  • System Interface Cable or Fiber Optic
  • Data Acquisition Tool
  • Synchronized fast data acquisition
  • Exponential inrush currents
  • Capacity test for batteries
  • MPP tracking
Hardware Expansions (optional)
  • Electrically Isolated Analog I/O Interface
  • Power I/O Card
  • Analog I/O Extension Card
  • Zero-Volt Option
Factory Calibration Certificate
A free Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC) is supplied with the devices. The calibration process is subject to supervision in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards to illustrate the physical device in accordance with the international System of Units (SI). Within the 2-year warranty period, we will calibrate a second time free of charge if a completed satisfaction rating is available for the respective device.
--> Conditions for a second free calibration
For use under laboratory conditions, H&H recommends a calibration interval of 2 years. This is an empirical value that can be used as a guide for the first period of use. Depending on the intended use, service life, relevance of the application and ambient conditions, the operator should adjust this interval accordingly.
Software Tools
The H&H Homepage has a program library for Windows with a control tool an LabVIEW drivers.
We supply a user manual as pdf file and printed General Safety Instructions, each in German and English.

Series ZS


Control software for ZS, ZSLV, ZSLC and ZSAC series
LabVIEW® driver for ZS series
Software tool for transmission of single commands via GPIB/RS-232/Ethernet/CAN


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MPP tracking with ZS series electronic loads
Application 07
Applying input voltage and PWM operation
Application 06
Loading an AC voltage with a DC load
Application 04
Superimposition of AC current
Application 03
Simulation of exponential inrush current
Application 02
Loading of low input voltages with an external auxiliary power supply