Customer-Specific Solutions

We can also make various types of adaptations “off the peg” for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of already implemented special solutions:

  • Special current/voltage/power/resistance ranges:
    We adapt the range end values to the customer’s application. With the smallest possible setting range, the setting and measuring resolution is optimized.
  • 12 V DC supply voltage:
    To be independent of a power supply network, an electronic load is equipped with a DC supply input. This feature now exists as an option for some device series.
  • Mobile load:
    For location-independent applications outside the laboratory, we have implemented a solution with DC supply input. Lashing lugs and overhead load connections allow operation, e.g. in a moving vehicle, in order to test control units.
  • Faster control time for better dynamic behavior:
    The electronic load is equipped with specially calculated equipment that regulates particularly fast processes.
  • Increasing the insulation voltage at a PLA load:
    The insulation voltage against PE can be significantly increased by installation in a special housing with insulated construction.
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