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Voltage: 800 V
Current: 33 A
Power: 3200 W
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PLI06-N | Galvanically isolated I/O port intstead of standard I/O port
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PLI21 | MPPT function with unlock code (production series B)
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PLI02 | GPIB interface
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Software Tool for control of PLI (up from FW 4.3.0), PLI-MR (up from FW 1.0.0), ERI (up from FW 2.0.0), TRL (up from FW 1.0.0) and SCL (up from FW 1.0.0) loads.
Software tool for transmission of single commands via GPIB/RS-232/Ethernet/CAN
Software tool to control PLI loads with firmware revision up from AI3.7 DI3.3 UI3.4 (PLI-MR devices are currently not supported)
Software tool (old revision) to control PLI loads with firmware revision from AI2.7 DI2.7 UI2.7 to AI2.9 DI2.9 UI2.9
Software tool (old revision) to control PLI loads with firmware revision from AI2.6 DI2.5 UI2.5 to AI2.6 DI2.6 UI2.6
Release notes PLI software tool
FTDI Driver
Virtual COM port (VCP) Driver from FTDI.


Application 01
Source-Sink with power supply and H&H PLI electronic load
Application 20
Range switching with multi-range loads
Application 03
Simulation of exponential inrush current
Application 02
Loading of low input voltages with an external auxiliary power supply
Application 19
LAN communication with H&H devices
Application 05
Measuring the characteristics of solar panels
Application 06
Loading an AC voltage with a DC load
Application 07
Applying input voltage and PWM operation
Application 09
Simple battery simulation with a PLI electronic load and a power supply
Application 11
Energy storage test and internal resistance measurement with PLI series electronic loads
Application 12
PLI series - programmable load profile, trigger system and its capabilities
Application 13
Realization of a CSV load profile
Application 15
Testing chargers with Charger Starter Interface for PLI series loads
Customer Application 21
Testing and Optimizing Fuel Cell Stacks
Application 17
Connecting several PLI series loads in parallel with master-slave connection
Customer Application 22
Testing Inductive Charging Systems
Customer Application 23
Testing of a Low-Voltage Accumulator for an Electric Racecar

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