NL Series

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NL Serie• Voltage up to 100 V
• Current up to 320 A
• 2-quadrant or 4-quadrant versions
• Source-sink function
Rapid control time
• Current, voltage mode
• Adjustable limitations
• SCPI programming with measurement function
• USB + RS-232 as standard
• Programmable waveform
• Software tools for battery testing
• Analog measurement outputs for voltage and current
• Analog control inputs


Operating Modes

The NL source-sinks can operate in constant voltage or constant current mode. In voltage mode there are two current limiters (source current and sink current) which can be adjusted independently of one another. In current mode, an upper and a lower limit voltage can be set.

Source-Sink Mode

Depending on the preset output value and the characteristics of the connected test unit, the device automatically decides whether to operate as a source or a sink. Switching from source to sink mode is very rapid.

2-Quadrant /4-Quadrant Mode

Devices for two-quadrant mode can supply or receive current with a positive output voltage. To guarantee the required function in the case of settings close to 0 V and long connection leads, the 2-quadrant devices start to operate from an output voltage of -1 V. The 2-quadrant devices therefore also act as 4-quadrant devices but with limited negative voltage. 4-quadrant devices can set equal absolute values in the positive and negative range.

Remote Control

Most source-sink functions can be controlled remotely via the standard Analog I/O Interface. Operating mode selection, output on - off and setting of control speed can be set with logic levels. A version (NL06) which is electrically isolated from the output is optionally available.

Analog Control Inputs

Depending on the selected operating mode the output voltage or output current can be preset by control voltage 0 ... ±5 V or 0 ... ±10 V DC. There are two further analog inputs available to limit the voltage or current.

Analog Measurement Outputs

For voltage and current there are 0...10 V analog measurement signals available. The signals follow the curve shape.


The units are air-cooled. To keep the operating noise low, the fans are controlled depending on temperature and current.


The NL series is a sturdy 19“ rack design and can also be installed in a cabinet or act as a table-top device. From 5 height units there are retractable handles on the top of the device. Optional castors can be mounted on heavy devices. No separate installation kits are not needed for 19“ rack installation.


All connections are at the rear side. The current connections are pole terminals or solid copper rails with screw terminals. 4mm plugs, forked cable lugs and stripped cables can be used.


Covers are available for outputs as contact protection for units for dangerous contact voltages.

Interfaces (optional)

  • RS-232 + USB
  • GPIB
  • Ethernet-RS-232 Converter
  • Data Acquisition Tool

Hardware Expansions (optional)

  • Electrically Isolated Analog I/O Interface
  • Power I/O Card
  • Castors

Factory Calibration Certificate

A free Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC) is supplied with the devices. The FCC meets the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9000ff. This calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards to illustrate the physical device in accordance with the international System of Units (SI). Within the warranty period we calibrate a second time for free.

--> Conditions for a second free calibration

The recommended calibration interval is 2 years.

Software Tools

The H&H Homepage has a program library for Windows with a controll tool an LabVIEW drivers.

Type Overview

Unipolar Models

Voltage Current Power Model
8 V± 80 A640 WNL1V8C80
8 V± 160 A1280 WNL1V8C160
8 V± 240 A1920 WNL1V8C240
8 V± 320 A2560 WNL1V8C320
10 V± 20 A200 WNL1V10C20
10 V± 60 A600 WNL1V10C60
10 V± 120 A1200 WNL1V10C120
10 V± 180 A1800 WNL1V10C180
10 V± 240 A2400 WNL1V10C240
20 V± 10 A200 WNL1V20C10
20 V± 40 A800 WNL1V20C40
20 V± 80 A1600 WNL1V20C80
20 V± 120 A2400 WNL1V20C120
20 V± 160 A3200 WNL1V20C160
26 V± 32 A832 WNL1V26C32
26 V± 60 A1560 WNL1V26C60
26 V± 90 A2340 WNL1V26C90
26 V± 120 A3120 WNL1V26C120
30 V± 8 A240 WNL1V30C8
42 V± 6 A252 WNL1V42C6
44 V± 22 A968 WNL1V44C22
44 V± 40 A1760 WNL1V44C40
44 V± 60 A2640 WNL1V44C60
44 V± 80 A3520 WNL1V44C80
60 V± 16 A960 WNL1V60C16
60 V± 30 A1800 WNL1V60C30
60 V± 45 A2700 WNL1V60C45
60 V± 60 A3600 WNL1V60C60
80 V± 3 A240 WNL1V80C3
80 V± 11 A880 WNL1V80C11
80 V± 20 A1600 WNL1V80C20
80 V± 30 A2400 WNL1V80C30
80 V± 40 A3200 WNL1V80C40
100 V± 2 A200 WNL1V100C2

Bipolar Models

Voltage Current Power Model
± 8 V± 46 A368 WNL8V8C46
± 8 V± 80 A640 WNL8V8C80
± 8 V± 120 A960 WNL8V8C120
± 8 V± 160 A1280 WNL8V8C160
± 10 V± 10 A100 WNL10V10C10
± 10 V± 38 A380 WNL10V10C38
± 10 V± 60 A600 WNL10V10C60
± 10 V± 90 A900 WNL10V10C90
± 10 V± 120 A1200 WNL10V10C120
± 20 V± 5 A100 WNL20V20C5
± 20 V± 24 A480 WNL20V20C24
± 20 V± 40 A800 WNL20V20C40
± 20 V± 60 A1200 WNL20V20C60
± 20 V± 80 A1600 WNL20V20C80
± 30 V± 3.5 A105 WNL30V30C3.5
± 30 V± 16 A432 WNL30V30C16
± 30 V± 32 A960 WNL30V30C32
± 30 V± 48 A1440 WNL30V30C48
± 30 V± 64 A1920 WNL30V30C64
± 44 V± 11 A484 WNL44V44C11
± 44 V± 20 A880 WNL44V44C20
± 44 V± 30 A1320 WNL44V44C30
± 44 V± 40 A1760 WNL44V44C40
± 50 V± 2 A100 WNL50V50C2