H&H Location

H&H Building in Konzell

Höcherl & Hackl GmbH was founded in 1986 as a partnership and in 1990 it was transformed into the current GmbH.

Since then H&H has developed and is now established as a leading supplier of electronic loads.

The entire product development and production process takes place in our 1200 m² production facility in Konzell, Bavaria.

The process starts with mechanical design and the development of hardware and software leading to complete manufacture and commissioning. It is completed with quality assurance and followed up by comprehensive support.

H&H loads are designed with particular focus on durability and reliability.

A qualified and highly motivated team ensures the constant development and refinement of products and optimum quality.

The strengths of the company lie not only in its wide range of standard products but also in its offer of specifications tailored to customer specifications.


The H&H company philosophy is to involve local suppliers to strengthen the region and ultimately Germany  as a location for industry.

"Made in Germany" therefore has a particular resonance at H&H.

We are particularly proud of our fast, friendly and comprehensive customer support.

H&H provides the kind of support our own employees would expect from other companies.

As a manufacturer we have detailed technical knowledge of our products and can address customer applications with speed and expertise.