High Current Cables HKS (standard) and HKV-F (super flexible)

Flexible and super flexible cables in different lengths, cross sections and voltage strengths with cable lugs, wire end ferrules or
plugs. Color coding at cable lug.
Two leads are always required for device connection. For higher currents several cables are connected in parallel.


Standard cable HKS in different cross sections with cable lugs
Super flexible cables HKV-F10A/O with wire end ferrules


High Current Cables HKV-F16Con

The HKV-F16Con high-current cables are manufactured with an SB6 jack at one end which fits Electronic ZSAC Loads with
SBU6-125 terminals. 1 set HKV-F16Con/O-2 cables (red and black) is included as standard with all Electronic ZSAC Loads with SBU6-125 terminals.


High current cables HKV-F16Con/O for ZSAC Series with socket SBU6-125


High Current Cables HKL-I (low induction)

For dynamic load with high rise  times and for long load lines. These double cables enable the voltage of the test unit to be supplied to the load input with very low inductive losses. Only in this way it is possible to realize  fast current rise times.


Maximum voltage: 300V


Low-inductance high current cable HKL-I

Other Cables

Master-Slave Cables
For Master-Slave operation of 2 equal devices.
Length: 2 m each


Order no.:  
PLI Series: K-MS-PLI
PLA Series: K-MS-PLA
ZS Series: K-MS-ZS


RS-232 Cable

Nullmodem cable (RTS-CTS handshake)
Length: 2 m


 Order no.: K-RS-SNM9-9